Dan Tran's Naive-Ironic and Abstract Art

I am a self-taught , immigrant artist from Vietnam. My work consists of  two main groups of subject/style:  Sociopolitical naive-ironic and philosophical abstract . In the first one (Lost & Found in the Time of INfection series), I tackle pressing sociopolitical subjects to protest what damages we inflict on our earth and ourselves (social justice, racism, climate change, mass murders, insurrection) and celebrate kindness, community, rationality and creativity. In the second (the String Theory series) I reflect upon the conundrum of the human condition and of my own. 

In the past I also painted about the sociopolitical-mythical conditions of my country of origin, Vietnam. A smaller series paint pop portraits of world cultural icons.

I appreciate your viewing and feedback.


Civil War 6s.jpg


The Psychotic Eclipse s 24x36.jpg

MYTHS Series

Cơn Giông I.jpg

ICONS Series

Silk Enigma.jpg