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Building upon legends and myths of my country of origin, Vietnam, I give them a twist that reveals something about its current affairs.
The people of Vietnam, not unlike people all over the world at different times, aspire to love, liberty and happiness, but their dreams oftentime clash with modern realities resulting in  betrayal, delusion and decay. But dreams don't die so easily. Thus new legends and myths are born.


The Deconstruction of  Compassion (Giải Cấu Lòng Nhân Từ).jpg

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Order in Chaos (Trật Tự Trong Sự Hổn Loạn)_edited.jpg
Beauty of Clarity (Vẻ Đẹp của Sự Trong Sáng).jpg
Circle of Errors (Vòng Lầm Lỗi).JPG
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