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My geometric abstraction paintings invite the viewer to enter a world of diverse shapes and colors – mirroring the diversity of humankind. Underneath its chaotic appearance, one can discern a sense of order, of deep connection, following a moment of quiet meditation.


The modern world has been shown to be made up of fragments that exist in ambivalent, conflicting states. Quantum physics uncovered atomic components that exist as both particles and waves (a state called "superposition" .) Modern psychology investigates elements of the human psyche that war with each other. Contemporary religions, economics and politics underwent seismic splits.


My paintings visually represent such a world, of waves and particles, of moods and psychic energy, of political, economic and social structures in ambivalent states precariously teetering between order and chaos.


 It is up to the viewer to quiet down the image, to see through the composition of shapes and colors an internal order, and to reject chaos and bring about harmony to the whole.

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